Programma Data Driven Healthcare

08.15 Ontvangst met koffie op de Innovation Zone

09.30 | Opening dagvoorzitter

Marc Seelen | Dagvoorzitter
Nefroloog en CMIO, UMCG



Drs. ir. Ron Roozendaal,
Directeur Informatiebeleid/CIO, Ministerie van VWS


10.05 | Spreker wordt nader bekend gemaakt



10.25 | Spreker wordt nader bekend gemaakt




10.45 | Koffiepauze


11.15 | Start Break-out sessies
Maak  uw keuze uit de break-out sessies van Mobile Healthcare, Data Driven Healthcare en het OuderenzorgTECH congres

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15.15 | Digitale transformatie in de zorg!

  • Advies van zorgorganisaties op het gebied van verandermanagement, digitale transformatie en informatietechnologie.
  • Nao schuwt geen duidelijke taal, hij zegt waar het op staat, durft kritische vragen te stellen en zijn mening te geven.
  • Er is geen gebrek aan medewerkers in de zorg.. maar een gebrek aan efficiënt werken. Herkenbaar? Hoe buig je dit om? Luister naar het verhaal van Nao voor tips & tricks.

Nao Dekker, Co-founder & Adviseur bij Adapta


15.35 | KEYNOTE: Mercy Virtual USA – Transforming health care

Dr. Randall S. Moore, MD, MBA, past president of Mercy Virtual USA, brings 30+ years as a visionary physician executive focused on care model and health system transformation. Most recently president of Mercy Virtual in Chesterfield, Missouri, over four years he led growth from 100 to 800+ FTEs, exceeded performance targets, building and integrating virtual care transformation solutions within internal Mercy communities as well as external systems.


More information

Mercy Virtual: world’s most advanced virtual hospital
800+ doctors, supporting 15+ solutions, serving 40+ hospitals, across 10+ USA States
Mercy Virtual is transforming health care 24/7/365 by creating new care models supported by telehealth teams and technology. Patients no longer have to physically seek out care or entirely reorient their lives to gain access to specialists. Virtual technology brings care to them.
A hospital without patients and beds. Under Dr. Moore’s leadership, Mercy opened the four-story medical facility in 2015. It is virtual in the sense that specialists care for patients remotely, with individuals often checking in with nurses and doctors while laying on a couch or sitting up in bed. The staff is using telehealth, electronic medical records and data analytics to diagnose patients, deliver care and to pinpoint patients’ problems earlier so they can go home earlier, or better yet, avoid hospitalization altogether.
Mercy is one of the top five large systems in the nation for the medical care in the USA. Mercy Virtual, a non-profit healthcare system, has invested $300 million in virtual care over more than a decade, says Dr. Moore. It proves that digital healthcare built on an enterprise scale can change how the medical profession does business and delivers clinical care. It is an ideal alternative to traditional hospital as it provides patient-centered care, advance technological innovations, and identify opportunities to make care more accessible, more affordable and more comprehensive. Based on his guidance, Mercy Virtual has proven to “crack the nut” of cutting costs while also keeping patients healthier with services lines like: vConsult, vEmergency, vStroke, vICU, vSepsis, vSitter etc.


16.15 Borrel & Bites
Wij nodigen u van harte uit om tijdens de netwerkborrel na te praten
over het congres. Zo kunt u na de spits weer naar huis reizen.

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