Programma Data Driven Healthcare

Programma 2018

08.15 Ontvangst met koffie op de Innovation Zone

09.30 | Opening dagvoorzitter

Marc Seelen | Dagvoorzitter
Nefroloog en CMIO, UMCG


09.35 | Personalisering van de zorg met data analytics: …..binnen handbereik?

  • Concrete ervaringen uit de klinische praktijk
  • Wat vinden dokter en patiënt er van?
  • Door samenwerking te realiseren?!

Prof. dr. Wouter van Solinge, Ambassadeur eHealth & Big Data UMC Utrecht, Afdelingshoofd Laboratorium Klinische Chemie en Hematologie, UMC Utrecht


10.05 KEYNOTE: Driving Pragmatic Value from Data

Being pragmatic and focused; avoiding trends and delivering true informational value is becoming more and more difficult in the rapid-fire world of healthcare analytics. There are so many things to focus on, and so much potential value but the reality is that our day-to-day gets bogged down in hardware issues and discrepancies in data. In this session we will discuss:

  • The methods for how to stay truly data-driven
  • Identify the top three things you can do as soon as you leave the session to make your program move forward
  • Governance in the age of big data and faster insights


Laura Madsen MS, author of the best-seller Data Driven Healthcare and Director Enterprise Analytics, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, USA

Laura Madsen MS, Healthcare BI guru and author of the best-sellers: Healthcare Business Intelligence and Data Driven Healthcare: How data and analytics are transforming the industry. Director Enterprise Analytics, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, USA.
Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is one of the largest freestanding pediatric health systems in the United States—with two hospitals, 12 primary care clinics, 6 rehabilitation and 9 specialty care sites, An award-winning health system, regularly ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a top children’s hospital.


10.45 | Koffiepauze


11.15 | Start Break-out sessies
Maak s.v.p. uw keuze uit de break-out sessies van Mobile Healthcare, Data Driven Healthcare en het OuderenzorgTECH congres

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12.30-13.30 | Lunch wordt u aangeboden door de Mobile Healthcare organisatie!


Workshops o.a.:

15.15 KEYNOTE: Unleashing the Intelligent Health Enterprise comes with responsibilities

  • Healthcare professionals and organisations are increasingly unleashing the power of data and intelligent technologies, using them to deliver more personalized, efficient and informed care. However with such innovations come responsibility.
  • For people to get the full benefits out of digital enabled services, providers and health plans must prioritize trust, ethics and responsibility.
  • Key trends we see across the globe when working with Accenture clients on use of data in healthcare such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Extended reality.
  • The ethical considerations of using the data that underpins these trends.

Christopher Gray, Managing Director Accenture Analytics lead Europe for the Health & Public Services industry


16.00 Dialoog met de zaal en Call-to-Action o.l.v. dagvoorzitters


16.15 Borrel & Bites
Wij nodigen u van harte uit om tijdens de netwerkborrel na te praten
over het congres. Zo kunt u na de spits weer naar huis reizen.

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